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The innovator…

Imâm Abdullaah Ibn Mubarak:

“A Mubtadi’ (innovator) has darkness in his face, even if he were to wash his face thirty times a day.”

~Imâm al-Laalika’ee||Sharh Usool al Itiqaad #284

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It has been reported that Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen Rahimahullaah was asked:

Regarding what some khateebs do when they deliver their khutbahs, they give their khutbahs topics relevant to current events, if the time of Israa’ and Mi’raaj comes around they speak about it, drawing benefits from it, warning from innovations and mistakes done that day, what is the ruling on this?

It was reported that he answered:

That is good, meaning that a person makes his khutbah relative to certain occasions. That is good, and it is how most of the khutbah’s of the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) were, when something happened that needed to be addressed he stood up and gave a khutbah (about it), even if it wasn’t Jumu’ah. So for a person to give consideration to current situations and focus his khutbahs on them is good. For example, in Ramadhaan, he speaks about Ramadhaan, at Hajj time he speaks about Hajj, and in Rabee’ al Awwal he speaks about hijrah, meaning: he considers occasions, there is no problem with that. It is even a proof that the khateeb has understanding and wisdom.

However, there is an issue here that some imaams do, they deliver a khutbah about a topic and then read relative verses of the Qur’aan about that topic (in Salaat al Jumu’ah). This is what is considered an innovation (bid’ah), since the Messenger (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) used to keep to the reading of Sab-bih (Soorah al ‘Alaa) and al Ghaashiyah, or al Jumu’ah and al Munaafiqoon, and he did not used to consider the subject of the khutbah (when choosing verses to read in the prayer).


  • Transcribed from: al- Luqaa’ al Maftooh (#155, side B)


Abu Abbaas Moosaa Richardson
Posted on Salafitalk.net

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“Accompanying Beasts Would Be Better Than Accompanying The People!”


Ibnul Qayyim Rahimahullaah Said:

“When the glorious Qur’aan and the Sunnah are abandoned because it is thought to be insufficient and when human opinions analogy, discretion and the words of scholars are sought, peoples natures are corrupted, their hearts become dark, their understanding becomes distorted. All the previously mentioned matters had a great impact on their lives to the extent that the young and the old lived under these circumstances, thinking them to be allowed. Alternative conditions prevailed, in which innovated matters replaced Prophetic traditions, inclination replaced wisdom, vain desires replaced reason, going astray replaced guidance, the wrong replaced good, ignorance replaced knowledge, hypocrisy replaced devotion, the unlawful replaced the lawful, lying substituted truthfulness, flattery substituted advice, and injustice replaced justice, thus these reigned supreme, and their holders became privileged, despite the prevalence of their opposite in the past, where their holders were the privileged ones. if you see the superiority of such evils, and their slogans are set up where their armies are invading,

Surely the bottom of the earth would be much more desirable then its surface! And the peaks of mountains would be more preferable than the plains! And accompanying beasts would be better than accompanying the people!


Al Fawaa’id (Eng trans. pg. 74-75)

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Bismillaahir -Rahmanir-Raheem

Saying SadaqAllaahul-Adheem after reciting qur’an?

…But the Qari’s do it, they must be right!…right?

Click for Audio Insha’Allaah:

Abul Abbaas Moosaa Richardson on saying \”SadaqAllaahul Adheem\”

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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Part 1.
Ash-Shaikh al-‘Allaamah ‘Ubaid al-Jaabiree (hafidhahullaah) censures Shadeed Muhammad:

Shaikh ‘Ubayd al-Jaabiree was asked regarding the affair of Shadeed Muhammad  on the 29th November 2010 coinciding with 23rd Dhul Hijjah 1431 and he said the following:

“He is misguided and misguides [others], it is a must to be careful from him and I advise those responsible for those Mosques upon the Sunnah in Europe, America and other than them that they do not give him a platform to teach or lecture from. And a detailed refutation of him is in progress.”


More to come inshaa’Allaah…

For more on this individual (May Allaah guide him and bring him back to the truth ameen) follow:


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Do the Angels Make Babies Laugh?

Shaykh Uthman As-Salimee (may Allah preserve him)

Question: It’s said that when a child breastfeeding laughs, without any one making him laugh the angels are responsible. Is this correct?

Answer: Verily, I don’t know any proof for this claim.  Glory to Allah-This issue is widespread over numerous countries. What causes the baby to laugh, I don’t know. It could be possible that when this happens the child is thinking about something or imaging something. May Allah bless you, I don’t know what causes the child to laugh,  and we don’t have any evidence that he sees the Angels when he laughs.

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:::: Warning! 

It is reported from Abû Idrîs Al-Khawlânî – That he used to say:

I would rather hear of a fire in the masjid than hear of a bid’ah (innovation) in it! without there being anyone to do away with it! Never do a people innovate a bid’ah in their religion except that Allah removes a sunnah from them!

[Ibn Waddâh, Al-Bida’ p92]

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Don’t Be Fooled..

‘O Muslims, Don’t Be Fooled, The Deceptive Innovator Will Always Approach You With a Smiling Face..’

“Shaykhul-Islaam ath-Thaanee Ibnul-Qayyim  said:

And from among his (shaytaan’s) repertoire of schemes and ploys is
that he invites the slave (of Allaah) with his good character,
cheerfulness and joyfulness to types of sin and wickedness. As a
result, he will meet and greet him (the sunnee) with that which will not
enable him to rescue himself from his evil except his display of
displeasure, giving an angry look and turning away from him. So, the
enemy will act kindly towards him, greeting him with joyfulness, a
glowing face and beautiful speech. Then, he will attach himself to him,
and have a strong desire to save himself from his clutches, however he
will be unable to. As a result, the enemy (Iblees) will continue to move
among them (the deviant, innovator that works for Shaytaan and against
the sunnee slave) until he achieves his desired goal. Finally, he
enters upon the slave with his plots by way of good character and a
shining face. It is for this reason, the ‘Doctors of the Heart’ have
advised (us) with turning away from the People of Innovation, not
extending to them the greetings of salaams and happy, glowing faces or
even meeting them (at all) unless it is with gloominess and sternness!”

  • Taken from Ighaathatul Lahfaan 1/140

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