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Imaam Ibn Jawzee:

How excellent are the people who have abandoned sweet dreams, withdrawing from that for which they erected their feet for. Standing up to fatigue themselves in the dark, seeking a portion of the blessing. When the night comes they stand up, and when the day arrives they derive lessons from it. When they look at their faults they seek forgiveness, and when they think about their sins they cry and feel dejected. O’ dwelling of the beloved, where are your inhabitants? O’ places of sincerity, where are your residents? O’ spot of the pious, where are your people? O’ places of nightly prayer, where are your vistors? I have, by Allaah, traveled around and found these people extinct. Those who used to stay awake at night have gone away and the lovers of sleep are left. These times have sought eating the lust to replace fasting.

~Imaam Ibn Jawzee||al-Yawaqit al jawziyya p.g 28-29

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Imaam Ibn Jawzee:

‘O Children of Adam! Let not Shaitân deceive you, as he got your parents  out of Paradise’


Servant of Allah! Ponder the removal of your father, Adam, from Paradise, the abode of security, and his descent to the abode of disgrace and abasement. The reason for this was none other than the accursed shaytaan. Your Master has prohibited you from obeying him and ordered you to disobey him. Indeed in this obedience lies the displeasure of ar-Rahmaan and disobeying him necessitates residing in Paradise and the descent of divine pleasure.

Allaah, Glorified and Exalted said:

‘Shaitân (Satan) threatens you with poverty and orders you to immorality

al-Baqarah: 268

So whoever obeys him, he forsakes him, diverts him from true guidance an opens the doors to misguidance and ignominy in his heart.

~Ibn Jawzee|| Bustan al-wa’izin p.27

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