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Al-Fadl ibn Isma’eel al-Jarjaanee said in his lines of poetry:


“Saheeh al Bukharee – if they were fair to it,

would not be written except with water of gold,

It is the difference between the guided and the blinded,

It is a barrier excluding distress and ruin.

The asaaneed are like the stars of the sky,

The main text like a shooting star, With it,

the scales of the religion of the prophet (sallallahu alyhi wa sallaam) were set up,
The foreigners followed the arab in submitting to it,

Making a sheild from the fire, with no doubt in it.

Distinguishing between those who recieve (Allaah’s) pleasure

and those who recieve His anger” 

  • Siyar a’laam an-Nubala 12/471 & al Bidaayah wan-Nihayah 11/27/28

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Oh sister covered in hijab by sh. Badr Ali Utaybee hafidahullaah

“Oh sister veiled in hijaab slacken your pace.
Walk upon the hearts of the jealous
ones and cause them to tremble!

Move with nobility and pride whenever the eyes of the envious
are barred from glancing at your skin.

You are beauty in its goodness and perfection.
You are chastity in all its glory.

Don’t be decieved! Indeed veiling your face is from the sunnah
of that chosen Hashami Mesenger (sallallahu alyhi wa sallam)

Being veiled from sight is for you a sign of dignity;
be delighted and with it, spoil yourself.

Your veil is a protective armor from every dreadful assailing wolf.

This is our legislation, truly and justly
Just as it is our nature.

It has been established in verses of the Qur’an and
authentic hadiths, related by trustworthy narrators.

When you recite the book of your Lord then understand
that in (surah) an-Nur are ayaat concerning al-Hijaab.

So ponder His order to throw the khimar, that covers your head,
over your face and to let it drape over your sides front and back.

And understand the word (throw) to indicate the importance
of being keen to cover your face and body
and this is clear truth.

And you have been prohibited from throwing your legs about,
So let not the sounds of anklets entice the ears.

And also in (surah) al-Ahzaab are verses 53 and on,
In them is my Lord’s command to veil.

When they came asking the prophet’s wives or if you, Oh
sister are asked.

Because these verses even though they are for the prophets wives,
they are to be applied generally, due to what follows.

Because veiling is for the purification of the hearts which
so quickly fades the eyes when lined with kuhl.

And look to the conclusion of Al-Ameen and his understanding of the verse in
Adwaa’ul bayaan (1) and it is replete with benefits and also in this verse is an order
for you to bring your garment over you fully as to hide yourself and make yourself unrecognizable.

This book of Allaah Affirming that unveiling is
a foundation of evil that bring (men) to trial.

And the best of creation says about you “she is auwra”(2)
referring to women so think!

And on the authority of ibn Mas’ood as related by at-Tirmidhee
and declared hasan saheeh with each narrator just and precise
from first to last.

And likewise al Bazzaar and ibn Khuzaymah and ibn al Adiyy
and Ali ad-Daraqutni (3)

Oh sister do not throw off the veil.
It is nobility for you and increase you in splendor,

As for those who encourage unveiling,
they only intend for you shame and belittlement.

And that you become like a mannequin in the hands,
a plaything, sold off for a petty price.

They seek that your picture is displayed in magazines
after you were once like a jewel, protected and safeguarded.

They want you to dance to music with them,
abandon your religion, and act like someone else.

And that the scum of mankind exchange,
between them and themselves, authority over you.

And use not acting as an excuse
Barking jackals, howling wolves,
there is no trust to be had in them.

Be warned from becoming the hunted, stalked down and eaten.

The “muck” of the art is belittling and embarressing,
be warned of falling, Oh sister into mud.

Don’t be amazed by the laughing of the mistresses of singning
and don’t be bedazzled by the sinful stars of cinema.

This cannot decieve your type!
By Allaah, their chests constrict due to their sins,
filled with anguish and regret.

They, with their worries and woes, live their lives in a sick state,
Only Allaah’s religion holds the cure.

Their chests are burnt by an open flame
that has set a blaze in its hollow.

With every day it burns stronger, more hot.

This is their intent; it decieves us not.

So do you, Oh sister, see as we see?

Do you understand whats being presented to thee?

Is dignity, that the Muslim woman relinquishes her hijaab?

Or that she fills with shame and disgrace?

Or is it decency if she is naked, uncovering her face,
wearing tight clothes and pants instead a modest

Is chastity to sing the song of adulterers and fornicators,
when overtaken by passion la la lee?

Is fortitude to agree to burn along with those
that will roast in hell?

Or is it sound politics to appoint to office over the masses,
one pampered raised in petty amusement(4).

Those who make one from your gender in charge over their affairs will never attain success,
As authentically reported in the prophetic narration (5)

And it is just that she is given exactly as her husband in inheritance
and in rights of marriage and divorce ? (6)

Naturally she is not the same as a man

And in Islamic legislation she is below him
and is rightfully under his guardianship.

Oh our sisters, By Allaah this is her condition,
If you asked them: A modern woman

So do yourself well and stick to the shari’ah,
which if you hold firm to it,
your will not be misguided and will not go astray.

It is your fortress, your honour.

It is your covering,
your light in the darkeness of the nights

Your are exalted in sticking to the injunctions of your faith,
like a star by which the sky is full of beauty.

May Allaah protect you and All who say
“Be rewarded with good Oh Badr bin Al-Ali


1) I intend here the shaikh of our scholars, Al- Allaamah Muhammad Al
Ameen ash-Shanqetee, in his book Adwaa Al-bayaan (6/548). He mentioned
that the strongest opinion is that this verse is general to all women.

2) Translator note: The auwra (private part) for the woman varies
depending on who she is in front of. However, while in front of foreign
men, who are not her husband, father ,grandfather, brother, son , uncle
or nephew, she has to cover every part of her body according to the
opinion of many of the people knowledge.
3) Narrated by at-Tirmidhee (4/337), Ibn khuzaymah in his saheeh (3/93-94), Al Bazzaarin his Musnad (5/427), ibn Adiyy in al Kaamil (3/424),ad- Daraqutni in al-I’lal (5/314), At-Tirmidhee declared it to be hasan saheeh Gareeband al Hafidh A’li bin Umar ad-Daraqutni  graded it to be authentic.

4) Allaah, the Most High said about the female gender “(Like they then for
Allaah) a creature who is brough up in adornments (wearing silk and
gold ornaments, i.e. women), and who in dispute cannot make herself
clear?”(surah az-Zukhruf:18) According to the scholars of tafsir, this
verse refers to the weakness of the woman and her deficiency in
expressing herself.

5) Collected by Al-Bukhari , based on this how can woman be given positions
of great importance in a nation, such as the ruler of the country or military general?
6) A woman is not equal to man in inheritance or when dealing with marriage
anddivorce. All of this is not because of the deficiency in her, but it is
from the completeness of a man’s authority and guardianship over her;
he is her wali and he is responsible for her affairs. That is because
in the Islamic legislation, females are not equal to males.
  • Shaykh Badr Bin Ali Utaybee hafidahullaah, taken from “20 pieces of advice to my sister before her marriage”

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Yaa bani Adam when I have put my trust in you
By Allaah certainly you have let me down

For when I placed my hopes and my trust in al Hayy,
I found a friend in Him and a Wakil


Is He not the best of friends and protector anyone can ask for?

and He will give you

and He will forgive You

and He will never leave you

O my Lord let me die in servitude to you
For wallahi those who have are a few!

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Nooniya al-Qahtaani

By Imaam Abu Muhammad al-Andalusi al-Qahtaani

يا منزل الآيات والفرقان *** بيني وبينك حرمة القرآن

إشرح به صدري لمعرفة الهدى *** واعصم به قلبي من الشيطان

“O Revealer of the Verses and the Criterion,

Between You and I is the sanctity of the Qur’aan

With it open up my heart to acknowledge the guidance,

And with it protect my heart from the Shaytan

يسر به أمري وأقض مآربي *** وأجر به جسدي من النيران

واحطط به وزري وأخلص نيتي *** واشدد به أزري وأصلح شاني

With it ease my affairs and settle my needs

And with it save my body from the Fire

With it lighten my load and purify my intention

And with it increase my strength and rectify my state

واكشف به ضري وحقق توبتي *** واربح به بيعي بلا خسراني

طهر به قلبي وصف سريرتي *** أجمل به ذكري واعل مكاني

With it remove my harm and confirm my repentance

And with it make me profit from my pledge without any loss


With it cleanse my heart and purify my character,

And with it beautify my reputation and raise my rank

واقطع به طمعي وشرف همتي *** كثر به ورعي واحي جناني

أسهر به ليلي وأظم جوارحي *** أسبل بفيض دموعها أجفاني

With it cut off my greed, and honour my ambitions

And with it increase my piety and give life to my heart

With it pass my night and make thirsty my limbs,

And soak my eyelashes with the abundance of tears

أمزجه يا رب بلحمي مع دمي *** واغسل به قلبي من الأضغاني

أنت الذي صورتني وخلقتني *** وهديتني لشرائع الإيمان

Mix it with my flesh O my Lord along with my blood,

And with it wash my heart from malice

You are the One who fashioned me and created me

And guided me to the fountains of Imaan

أنت الذي علمتني ورحمتني *** وجعلت صدري واعي القرآن

أنت الذي أطعمتني وسقيتني *** من غير كسب يد ولا دكان

You are the One who taught me and had mercy on me

And made my heart heedful to the Qur’aan

You are the One who fed me and made me to drink

Without my earning it by hand or via trade

وجبرتني وسترتني ونصرتني *** وغمرتني بالفضل والإحسان

أنت الذي آويتني وحبوتني *** وهديتني من حيرة الخذلان

And You restored me, covered me and aided me

And enveloped me in Grace and Goodness

You are the One who gave me refuge and awarded me

And guided me from the confusion of disappointment and loss

وزرعت لي بين القلوب مودة *** والعطف منك برحمة وحنان

ونشرت لي في العالمين محاسنا *** وسترت عن أبصارهم عصياني

And You have planted love for me between hearts,

And the inclination from You is by way of mercy and affection

And You have spread goodness out for me amongst the people

And You have hid my sin from their eyes

وجعلت ذكري في البرية شائعا *** حتى جعلت جميعهم إخواني

والله لو علموا قبيح سريرتي *** لأبى السلام علي من يلقاني

And You have made my reputation amongst the people widespread

Until You made them all my brothers

By Allaah, had they known the ugliness of my inner self,

Whoever met me would have refused to greet me

ولأعرضوا عني وملوا صحبتي *** ولبؤت بعد كرامة بهوان

لكن سترت معايبي ومثالبي *** وحلمت عن سقطي وعن طغياني

And they would have shunned me and be disgusted with my friendship

And I would have drawn on myself disgrace after honour

But You covered my faults and defects,

And You bore my sin and my tyranny

فلك المحامد والمدائح كلها *** بخواطري وجوارحي ولساني

So all Praise is to You, and all commendations

with my thoughts, my limb and my tongue


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