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The Greeting Sabaahul Khayr-Sabaahun Noor; Masaa-ul Khayr-Masaa-in Noor Is A Greeting Of The Magians

A great number of the of the people would say when they greet one another; ”Sabaahul-Khayr or Masaa-ul Khayr!”  The respond to this greeting is: ”Sabaahun Noor and Masaa-in Noor”.  This greeting is a Magian greeting (i.e. a greeting of the fire worshippers).

The Magians believe in two powerful (forces); the forces of Good and Evil, which they compare to Light and Darkness.  The Magians have two gods; the god of goodness or light and the god of evil or darkness; and that these two (gods) contend with one another to rule the world.

So this is the reason the Magians greet one another with their statement: Sabaahul Khayr-Sabaahun-Noor; while Islaam has commanded us (Muslims) to greet with the Islaamic Greeting ‘As-Salaamu-Alaykum’………

[Source: Mu’jamul Manaahiyy Lil-laf-dhiyyah (page:334-335) of Sheikh Bakr Abu Zaid (rahimahullaah)]

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