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As-salaamu alykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuh

I hope this finds you in the best of emaan and health. After having abandoned my blog for several years, I have come to the decision of deleting it permenantly in-sha’Allaah. Although I had intended to carry this out some time ago; after contemplation, I felt the ever so pressing need to do so in respect to the author(s) and translator(s) strict copyrights rules. As you know, most of my material, if not all, were transcribed from books and lectures.

I encourage myself and my fellow muslims to hold fast to the websites of the known salafi students of knowledge and organisations. Reputable masaajid and organisations such as: http://www.salafipublications.com, http://www.salaf.com, http://www.troid.ca, http://www.dusunnah.com, http://www.mpubs.org and http://www.albaseerah.com.

Lastly, I implore Allah to keep me and you, O reader, firm upon the methodology of the salaf-us-saalih until we meet Him.

Your sister,

Hamdi Bint Muhammad Ali

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Imaam Ibn Qayyim:

‘The servant has a veil between him and Allah and another one between him and the people. Whoever tore this veil between him and Allah, Allah will tear the veil between him and the people.’

~Ibn Qayyim|| al Fawaid Eng trans p.54

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